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 Church History Overview

1993-94 - Dane Gressett led a small prayer meeting on Monday nights for over a year. The group prayed that God would open up a door to reach new people in the Gorman area.  


October 2, 1994 - The first home group meeting was conducted in a home of an unchurched couple who lived 6 miles east of Gorman.  From this initial group of 5 people has developed Firstfruits Christian Fellowship.


April, 1995 - The church soon outgrew the home and moved to "Bass Lake" (Frank Gray Memorial Park), just outside of the Gorman city limits. Bro. Dane began to preach "open air" at the park, as services were held through out the Spring, Summer, and early Fall.


October, 1995 - As winter approached, the growing group known as "Firstfruits", was able to rent a formerly closed church building in Gorman and moved "inside" for the winter.


As God continued to add to our number the church was officially chartered with the State of Texas as "Firstfruits Christian Fellowship".  At this time Bylaws were adopted and the initial board of elders was set apart.


1997-98 - The present property was identified and purchased and the current building was erected and entered into use in November of 1998. 
2006 - After an extended season of prayer, and with the blessing of the Elder board, Bro. Dane and his family moved to Virginia to pastor Blue Ridge Community Church.  Clay Wheat and Gary Fink stepped up to share the leadership and administrative roles as Bro. Dane left. 
2009 - The board of elders was changed and David Files, Doc Cogburn and Rusty Shelton were added. 

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